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The First Chapter is now available - 7+ hours of history and teaching by the depositary Master!

The first time this tradition is ever available on video to a broader audience.

"The knife fencing of the south of Italy is not jumping back and forth with a knife in your hand. The fencing of the south of Italy is technique, tactic, strategy, planning, tradition, balance, power, strength, calm, hatred, rancor, fury, patience, perseverance, determination, memory, blood, sweat, being mortified, delusion, tears, joy, fun, sacrifice, impulse, rhythm, vengeance, instinct, reasoning. And much more. "

-Maestro Domenico Mancino

Nova Scrimia International in partnership with The Immersion Foundation produced and presents the full disclosed, until now secretive, Italian Knife Fencing art for the first time to the general public!

Embark on the study of the elusive art of Cielo e Meraviglia from the Apulian Ofantina Valley of Italy! This agro-pastoral fighting art was born from the rural defense practices with the Knife (Coltello) and Stick (Bastone).

Cielo e Meraviglia’s first ever publicly available instruction is now being made available to the public with over six hours of instruction in high definition video. Explore Scherma di Coltello (Italian Knife Fighting): learn the foundations of this rare art, practice the deadly legature (combination of techniques and tactics) and discover the history of how this tradition came to be from the last living master himself. Cielo e Meraviglia is presented by Maestro Domenico Mancino, the last depositary of the art. Maestro Mancino learned Cielo e Meraviglia as a child and has long taught the art privately to family and close friends. He has been teaching the art to a small selected circle in Italy for around six years. Assisting him is his student, Maestro Marco Quarta, who has been teaching Italian martial arts for over twenty years.

Italian Knife Fencing streams to a Device near You! Purchase a three year subscription of access to the Cielo e Meraviglia Archival and you will receive 6.5 Hours of Instruction of the Cielo e Meraviglia Knife Fighting System.

Enroll in the Pre-Sale HERE:

with Grand Master Domenico Mancino - assisted by Nova Scrimia founder and Master Dr. Marco Quarta of Nova Scrimia International - Italian Martial Arts - in Partnership with The Immersion Labs (TM) The Immersion Foundation


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