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DEMAS GRAND OPENING - San Francisco Bay - California

We are holding a Grand Opening for Davenriche European Martial Artes School in Santa Clara, our Nova Scrimia USA headquarter, on February 27 from from 3-7 pm. For the open house, I would like to invite all fencers that would like to join us. What I want to do is have 2 or 3 rings running in which fencers can fence with different weapons (Sword and Shield, Long Sword, Rapier, Side Sword, Italian Stick, Amored Combat) and allow all of the guests of the grand opening to be able to 'gamble' on the fights. Whoever wins the fight, the winnings will go to the charity of the fencer's choice. I want to encourage anyone that would like to join us for some fencing and fun. When each fencer register

18-22 April - Intensive Week Camp - Academie Duello - Vancouver - Canada

ALSO NOTE: there will be an half day workshop on april 17th from 1pm-5pm which you can sign up for register HERE FOR THE INTENSIVE CAMP - PLEASE REGISTER HERE A warrior discipline, a martial art, a science of combat for dueling and survival, a way of defense from assaults, formative practice for the body-mind-spirit, exercise, confrontation, psychophysical increase, a community, tradition and values, deep roots based on the teaching and respect for the Ancestors’ Legacy. This is Fencing. This is Italian Martial Arts. Centuries of tradition, still alive today. A school handed down through the centuries, thanks to the Masters, past and present, which left to future generations the codes, t


FIS - TWO HANDED SWORD - LONG SWORD MEN OPEN TOURNAMENT SUNDAY 14th of February, at 10:00 am PALASPORT ZEVIO (VR), Italy ▸ The competition is open to all fencers with membership FIS (Italian Federation of Fencing) at Fencing groups or academies recognized by FIS or by the CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee). [ For international fencers, feel free to contact the organizers for more details] ▸ deadline for pre-registration of €20,00 is 12:00 pm, Tuesday 9th of February 2015. For details see link or contact organizers. ▶ DOMENICA 14 FEBBRAIO, ORE 10.00, PALASPORT DI ZEVIO (VR). ▸ Si ricorda che la partecipazione alla competizione è riservata ai tesserati FIS presso Società Schermis

21-21 February: "Hugging the Lion, Slicing the Griffon" - Intensive workshop @ Forteza Aca

Forteza Fitness & Marital Arts and the Chicago Swordplay Guild welcome Dr. Marco Quarta of Nova Scrimia for a weekend long immersion in the unarmed combat taught in Italian fencing and gymnastic academies from the late Middle Ages until the early XX century! Italian Martial Arts can be divided into Zoghi di Concordia – Games of Concord, or combat sports, and Zoghi d’Ira – Games of Fury or Games of Rage, real combat. Based on ruthless efficiency, Abracar developed from the need of surviving in battlefields, as well as quickly defending in dark streets where people could attack armed with daggers at any time. Compared to its combat-sport counter parts Lotta (wrestling), Pugilato (boxing) or P

Learning the Art: the subjective reality of the objective truth

What is the intrinsic essence of the Art? The Art of fencing, in particular, or, in general, the whole heritage of martial arts and sciences of the west. Including classical fencing, boxing, wrestling, their modern form and their original martial traditions. The Art it is a blend of two aspects: past and present, subjective and objective. Dark and light. From the past, the Art is infused with a consolidated framework, validated and tested over generations and with the experience of real situations, such as duels, battles, and defenses against aggressions. Fencing established a peculiar structure, based on "modo, tempo, miura" (tactic/technic, timing, measure). It is highly scientific. It is

Fiore's Abracar - Seminar on "Extreme Medieval Unarmed Combat" - UK

On Juanary 12th 2016 - 19:30 @ "The Club", High Street, Newnham, GL14 1BS Another Workshop with Virtus Sword School of Nova Scrimia - Italian Martial Arts - Fiore dei Liberi 'Abracar', Medieval Unarmed Self Defence with Messer Alexander Malato-Palermo di S.Margherita - Head Instructor Nova Scrimia UK and Elder of Nova Scrimia International. info and contact @ HERE

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