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DEMAS GRAND OPENING - San Francisco Bay - California

We are holding a Grand Opening for Davenriche European Martial Artes School in Santa Clara, our Nova Scrimia USA headquarter, on February 27 from from 3-7 pm. For the open house, I would like to invite all fencers that would like to join us. What I want to do is have 2 or 3 rings running in which fencers can fence with different weapons (Sword and Shield, Long Sword, Rapier, Side Sword, Italian Stick, Amored Combat) and allow all of the guests of the grand opening to be able to 'gamble' on the fights. Whoever wins the fight, the winnings will go to the charity of the fencer's choice. I want to encourage anyone that would like to join us for some fencing and fun. When each fencer registers to play, I would like them to list the charity that they would be fighting for. If you would like to join us for the grand opening charity fencing, please email us

at to register. This will be a fun time and will help get money to wonderful charities and bring HEMA into the public eye. We want to have all of our fencers and charities registered by Friday, February 12, 2016 If you would like to join us for the Grand Opening but you are from out of town you are welcome to stay at the school or we can try to find a couch with one of the members of the school. Saturday will be the open house and if there are people that want to stay over they can have open sparing and training on Sunday, February 28. If you want to stay over night bring your sleeping bags and plan to camp out.



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