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Scrimia Scuola d'Armi

Historic Italian Martial Arts


The rich centuries-old tradition of historical Italian sword play covers a period that goes from the XIV century to the modern time. Starting with medieval/early renaissance manuscripts, like "Flos Duellatorum" of Master Fiore de liberi (early 1400) or "De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicanti" of Master Filippo Vadi (second half of 1400); passing through the Renaissance evolution (Bolognese school first, with Manciolino, Marozzo, Agrippa, etc. followed by Padova, Venezia, etc.); giving us great masters in each centuries and not certainly ending with the masters of the dueling arts in the XIX and early XX centuries (Cerri, Zangheri, Enrichetti, Arista, Masiello, Pecoraro, Radaelli, Ceselli and Martinelli to cite some). 

Scrimia Scuola d'Armi, the Historical Italian Martial Arts (HIMA) division of Nova Scrimia, offers accurate study and practice of the historical swords of the Italian schools: spada ad una mano (one hand sword), una mano e mezza (one hand and half), due mani e spadone (two handed and great sword), striscia (rapier), spada e sciabola da duello o da terreno (duelling swords); spade singole o accompagnate (swords alone or "supported" by the second hand) like in the use of brocchiere (buckler), cappa (cape), daga (dagger), etc. 

The study is philological, focused on specific historical periods, weapons, masters, methods or schools. 

Spada e Brocchiere (Sword and Buckler)

Circolo della Tavola - Circle of the Table

Stricia (Rapier) 

FIS Scherma Combat

Olympic modern practice of historical Italian fencing


Nova Scrimia participated in the development of an emerging new Olympic discipline in the fencing tradition within the Italian Federation of Fencing (Federazione Italiana di Scherma - F.I.S.), the official historical istitution recognized by the Italian government. Scherma Combat is the historical fencing actualized in contemporary methods and technologies to offer a practice focused to compete in tournaments based on rules and strategies. To reintegrate the classical and historical fencing into the Federation of Fencing, where it belonged a century ago. Scherma combat is HIMAs evolved in the sport fencing and transferred back to other weapons of the Italian traditions (rapier, dagger and rapier, one hand and half, dueling saber, etc.). Taking advantage of modern technological development, electrified weapons, accurate scoring systems, calibrated and standard protective gears and technologies HIMAs can experiment different forms of tournaments. Scherma Combat is an emerging competitive practice that reintegrate the Italian fencing traditions. The Italian Federation of Fencing at the National Fencing Academy of Naples (institution founded in 1861) certifiy trained instructors, often coming from long experience in HEMAS and HIMAs in particular, by Masters of the Academy of Italian Masters of Fencing (AIMS) which now includes also historical fencing. Instructors and masters must undergo an accurate period of study, training, official competing and proved researching, they must provide a final thesis on an Italian fencing treatise written before 1980, defend a collegial exam, and prove official teaching skills evaluation in front of an official selected committee to be certified by the FIS, similarly to the Olympic Fencing Masters program in existence since the XIX Century in Italy, but with a program focused on historical fencing. Again, the focus and the goal is to train and practice for competition in tournaments, and not with the primary goal for an accurate philological practice or "self defense". However the rules and technologies, standardized and included into a professional and technological modern framework, offer an evolution of the athletic components of historical fencing in a growing Olympic practice. Nova Scrimia Research Group developed specific blades and swords for FIS scherma combat. Still, this is a game for the fun and skills developments, but is NOT the full martial art of "Scherma". Just another tool to play with. 

Logo of the Italian Federation of Fencing - Historical fencing division

Spada e Daga Assault in Scherma Combat

Spada una mano e mezza in Scherma Combat

Spada e brocchiere in Scherma Combat

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