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Scherma di spada - Sword Fencing

From medieval to modern sword fencing

One and half hand sword

Historical Combat Fencing

Girlanda nd Proietti

Sword and dagger tournament

Final: Zannini vs Chiaramnote

Tournament at Accademia Romana d'Armi - Roma - 2009

One and half hand sword

Stage of medieval sword - Zevio 2012

Galvani, Girlanda and Proietti

Dueling Sword and Dagger

Spratico (free sparring)

Galvani and Chiaramonte

Hall of fame @ Valencia 2012

Nova Scrimia combat demonstrations:

dagger, sword one hand and half, stick assaults

Sword and dagger

Thrusting only - free assault 

First Experimentations in Scherma Combat - 2007

Tests gears and regulaitons in scherma combat - FIS Oympic historical fencing

Spada da terreno - Duelling Sword

Classical fencing

Sean Heyes (guest from USA)  and Gianluca Zannini 

Spada a Doi Mani 

Class - Fundamentals: Medieval Italian Long Sword (one and half handed)

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