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Italian Martial Arts - IMAs

Nova Scrimia  is an Italian organization which promotes the research, teaching and promotion of the Italian school of swordsmanship, stick fencing and unarmed combat starting from medieval age, as described by Fiore dei Liberi in his 1409 treatise Flos Duellatorum in Armis et sine Armis, (also known as "Fior di Battaglia" (The flower of Battle)) and continued and evolved over the centuries in Italy: 

1) in the Academy (from Aristocracy, Chivalry in battles and tournaments to Military Officers and Gentleman in duels and self defense);

2) and in the regional and familiar based traditions (honor, rituals, dances and duels), arts still alive and practiced today in Italy.


The Nova Scrimia Group is an IMA that was established in 1990 to research and to experiment with the Italian heritage of combat arts. Scrimia is a Renaissance Italian term meaning “fencing”, so the group's name can be translated as "New (Traditional) Fencing".

The Nova Scrimia group has collected many treatises and documents since its birth. Nova Scrimia organizes tournaments and competitions in stick fighting, sword fighting and dagger fighting in many Italian cities.



Nova Scrimia - is a method to learn traditional Italian fencing and martial arts. Italian martial arts (IMAs) are rich in culture and technical aspects. They cover hundreds of years, a rich and variegated number of weapons and methods, armed and unarmed. There are ancient, medieval, renaissance, modern and contemporary methods and evolutions. There are academic, military, regional and folks and family based traditions and methods, but they all share the same genome, the same principles, the same structure, and culture. 


Nova Scrimia promotes IMAs and offers a number of methods that were inherited, collected, researched and experimented in more than 25 years of collegial and research group. Nova Scrimia offers a sound method to learn the structure of Italian fencing, fighting, defense and martial arts. We hope that YOU will join us and join IMAs in the practice, research and enrichment of IMAs, choosing the method, weapon, historical time and traditions that will better suit YOU. IMAs are part of our Western culture and history, they are effective, practical, aesthetically beautiful and elegant in the technical gesture, culturally rich, physically intense, with athletic components very simple as well as very complex, and suited for everyone, young and old, woman and man, child and adult. As a matter of fact, modern fencing, boxing and wrestling are the modern sports derived from this tradition.  We hope you will join Nova Scrimia and IMAs in taking part in this magnificent martial and cultural arts.

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