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Here you find some bacic classes to introduce you the principles of the Italian martial arts

Italian Martial Arts

A general introduction from Nova Scrimia

Budo International Video 

Italian Stick Fencing Fundamentals

Basic Class on Nova Scrimia Italian Stick Fencing - Budo International Video

Long Sword Fundamentals

Nova Scrimia: Basics and Principles of Italian One and Half Long Sword 

Budo International Video

Abracar Fundamentals

Clips from Budo International video

Nova Scrimia in the early 2000

Battagliole (battle groups), tournaments in Italian squares, adunanze (gatherings)

Masters Galvani and Sanna

Abracar - Dagger - Stick and Buckler 

Sardinia Academies

Italian Traditional Fighting Game 

Historical Florentine Soccer - Calcio Fiorentino 

L'Arte di Dar Contraria

A Film Documentary on the Italian Martial Legacy - by Totola Brothers and Nova Scrimia Productions - Italy - 2002

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