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To Our Maestri’s voice


A warrior discipline, a martial art, a science of total combat, a way of defense from assaults, gym of life, formative practice, exercise, confrontation, psychophysical increase, brotherhood, tradition and values, root and respect of the Ancestors’ Heritage…


This is Italian Martial Art


A school handed down through the centuries, thanks to the Masters, past and present, which left to the future generations the codes, the techniques and the pedagogy. 


L’arte di ripararsi e ben rispondere ai colpi avversi

(“The Art of guard and riposte fine to the opponent blows”).


Nova Scrimia originates and grows from here.


We want to honor all the Masters of the Italian martial Arts with these pages and few words.

Theirs teaching, their precious lessons, their skillful trainings emanate from the pages of uncountable treatises, as well as from their words today of a living tradition, in salle at Arms or in Regional styles and traditions, passed for generations and for centuries fruit of whole life devoted to the study and to the true practice of Martial Art.


While you read and hear their advices with us, we wish to remember and remind that the story of the Italian martial art was written to be told, but also to be experienced and at the present time, now…


This is Nova Scrimia


So at the dawn of the third millennium we can say: “ Sons of Art and not of fortune”.



Nova Scrimia is a method to learn Italian fencing (classic, traditional and modern) and Italian martial arts for the modern practice, needs and applications. Italian martial arts (IMAs) are rich in culture and technical aspects. They cover hundreds of years, a variegated number of weapons and methods, armed and unarmed. There are ancient, medieval, renaissance, modern and contemporary methods and their evolutions. There are academic, military, regional, folk and family based traditions and methods, and nevertheless, they all share the same genome, the same principles, the same structure, and culture. Nova Scrimia propose a method to learn and to practice these Sciences and Arts of fighting and fencing. Evolved in our present time, for the present time, being people of our time. 



Nova Scrimia Research Group promotes IMAs and offers a number of methods that were inherited, collected, researched, experimented in 25 years of collegial and research group. With Nova Scrimia we offer one sound method to learn the structure of Italian fencing, fighting and martial arts. A method that comes from the tradition evolved over the centuries, adapting to the time, use and needs. Still, always praticed for the "fun, the science and the conservation of life" ( to quote Antonio Manciolino, Italian Master from Bologna of the XVI sec.). Thus, our goal is to offer a way to let people enjoying and engaging in the practice of IMAs, in a way that can be also practiced as a combat sport: towards this end, we are now working together with the Italian Federation of Fencing - F.I.S. (Federazione Italiana Scherma), the Olympic body for Italian fencing- to create a form of historical fencing based on modern Olympic regulations, tools and technologies, without losing or changing the Science and Principles of the real Scherma (fencing). At the same time, Scherma (armed and unarmed) is and remains not only the Italian but in more general terms, the European martial art. As a martial art, it must include, according to the traditions, the practice for self defense and real combat. This is our philosophy, nothing new, nothing different from the teaching that the Masters of the past left us, generation after generation, in Italy. We hope that you will join us, and our growing community in the practice, the research and the enrichment of IMAs. Choosing the method, weapon, historical time and tradition that will better suit you, you will find your dimension and your space for growing within the Art. IMAs are part of our Western culture of martial arts and history. IMAs are effective, practical, aesthetically beautiful, culturally rich, and physically intense. IMAs are embedded by symbolic, mental and spiritual contents. IMAs comprise athletic components, very simple and essential, as well as very complex and articulated.  I hope you will join Nova Scrima and IMAs in taking part in this magnificent martial, scientific and cultural arts.


Scrimia Scuola d'Armi focus the work on the historical Italian martial arts (HIMAs), that are part of the larger HEMA (historical European martial arts). The philological studies on specific historical periods, masters, weapons, methods, practice and fighting is part of Scrimia Scuola d'Armi work. While in Nova Scrimia the focus is on the practice is to the present, in an actualized methods, designed for current time, use, application and practice; in Scrimia Scuola d'Armi the focus is on the historical aspects, as they were originally. Nova Scrimia Research Group provides a source of advancement contributing to the IMA's community with results of accurate investigations, to promote the practice of HIMAs in a progressively accurate and integrated way. Scrimia Scuola d'Armi collaborates with the IMAs and HEMAs community, and is always open to start new national and international collaborations.

A team of Nova Scrimia Research Group studying an original sword of a collection at an Italian museum

Reproductions of original historical Italian swords from different centuries and used to design training swords (in polymers or metals)  

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