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Stickmata - Immersion Labs - February 2019 - San Francisco Bay

The Immersion Labs Foundation is proud to announce registration is OPEN for Immersion Labs:


Man’s oldest weapon: revisited like never before!

February 22 -24, 2019 - Silicon Valley, CA.

Immerse yourself and your individual skills with 15 master instructors of the stickfighting arts from around the world: 9+ sessions with over 30+ hours of exclusive training content.

Only 30 seats available.

Our last lab, Legacy of the Blade, was a sold out event.


DM us here on FB or on Instagram @immersionlabs

Mahipal Lunia Mang Romeo Macapagal coming in from Philippines Pedro Fma coming in from Portugal Philip Forde coming from Barbados Prof TJ Obi coming from from parts unknown (he walked through the Congo during the civil war, and has been throughout columbia in some of its worst times. A true scholar and a real bad ass. He was one of the founding team members of the Hoplology expedition to the new world. Marco Quarta, of Nova Scrimia, originally from Italia, brining in his country's stick arts One to be announced from Brisih Columbia And of course we have great lineup from the USA too Mark Mikita Marc Denny Martin Wheeler from the greater LA area Prof Michael J. Ryan from upstate NY. Has trained in various arts such as FMA, Garrote, Capoeria, Italian knife, mandemuda since 1977. A true scholar and fighter. GM Vincent Cabales, Ron Saturno and Kalani Foster from stockton Henri Robert Vilaire from parts unknown too The Warrior Scholar Hanshi Juchnick from NorCal Don't miss this historic event

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