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Nova Scrimia Adunanza 2018 - Sardinia - Italy

After years, Nova Scrimia Brotherhood organized a new gathering with all the Masters, instructors, and students from Italy and the rest of the world. Open to public. You can apply! A unique immersion in Italian martial traditions. Don't miss this chance to join the Fratellanza Nova Scrimia in its annual Adunanza!

The Immersion Labs The Immersion Labs is a professional learning foundation dedicated to providing systemic peak performance training experiences and courses. We facilitate collaboration between masters and masterful students. Regardless of individual approaches and philosophies, we explore traditions and methodologies from a wide cultural spectrum. Teachers share and archive their own methods and discoveries in intimate gatherings. Students simultaneously compare, contrast, and reframe their own practices in service of exquisite performance and growth. Some of the best instructors from arts of the blades from all over the world, for the first time teaching together. APPLY NOW: only fe

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