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Vancouver Swordplay International Symposium - April 5-7 2019

All info HERE program includes: Fiore Intensive Vadi Intensive Fabris & His Legacy German Swordsmanship Intensives In particular - Marco Quarta of Nova Scrimia will be presenting: Grappling East & West – Armed vs Unarmed Eastern Grappling and Weapon Grappling with Ellis Amdur Ellis Amdur, a licensed instructor of one of the oldest close-combat martial systems of Japan, the Araki-ryu, will be presenting on grappling when knives are a consideration. He will use Araki-ryu kata (pattern drills) as a base to explore how the presence of weapons changes grappling, showing training methodologies that enable ‘live training,’ that maintains a focus on survival rather than sparring. Experience: If you

Cielo&Meraviglia - USA Summer Camp - July 20-21 2019

Historical Event for the first time the secretive Italian martial art of knife combat Cielo&Meraviglia (Heaven and Marvel) will be presented by the last living Master Domenico Mancino. In the North of Puglie, in the Ofantina Valley, is the "Cielo e Meraviglia" (Heaven and Marvel) school. This school is not focused on the dueling art but mostly on self defense, and evolved from the Italian fencing tradition, probably in the XVIII century, within the agropastoral environment of the "Masserie", fortified and isolated micro villages within olive tree plantations. In the Masserie, the "Frantoiani" (artisans and producers of olive oil, an expensive and precious product at that time) could not affo

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