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IMA apulian Knife&Stick with Master Luciano Trimigno - May 27/28

From Manfredonia, Apulia, Italy. Master Luciano Trimigno will visit the San Francisco Bay Area to teach his family tradition of knife and stick fighting. A unique opportunity to learn this Italian tradition of dueling with knives and sticks. Don't miss it!

The workshop will be a two day event, dealing knife and stick.


Davenriche European Martial Arts School -

Very Early bird registration by March 31 is 100 dollars Early Bird registration by April 30 is 120 dollars Late registration 150 dollars

The event will be confirmed by May 1 if the minimum number of participants will be reached to cover the costs.

For info and registrations please :


The art of Bastone Pugliese (Apulian stick) has now been codified and is being taught in a school in Manfredonia, in the Puglie region. The first Italian championship of this discipline has been held in 2011. The region is also known for Scherma Di Coltello Pugliese (Apulian Knife)which is further subdivided in three local styles: Taranto, Foggia/Bari and Brindisi/Lecce. One of the most renown experts of this art is Maestro Luciano Trimigno, who learned the art from his father and his grandfather who was one of the most renewed knife and stick fighter himself of the last century. The entire family of Master Luciano Trimigno (including his father, now in his old age, his cousins and his son Giuseppe) is involved in running his school. Trimigno's students have participated in international tournaments. European championships of knife fencing were held in 2012, 2013 and 2014, with athletes representing various countries, including Italy, Russia and Ukraine. The Italian team was trained by Maestro Trimigno and showcased the skills of Scherma Di Coltello Pugliese. The school of Foggia-Bari originates from ancient chivalry codes based on honor and is enriched in the dueling art.


The program and schedule are out!

Saturday the 27th: 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Sunday the 28th: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

- Program -

Coltello - Knife: 1. Saluto 2. How to hold the knife 3. Drills with a partner to develop the sense of distance and timing (puntata – mezzo-ponte e contrattacco; puntata – parata con mano sinistra e contrattacco; puntata, forbice, staffa e calcio – mezzo-ponte e contrattacco) 4. "Scuola" (the School) 5. "Giro" (traditional dueling training sparring) according to the rules of the "Scuola": chiamata – tre passetti di divisione e attacco; mezzo-ponte e contrattacco.

material required: rubber or wood knife trainer or short stick


Bastone Lungo - Long Stick:

1. Saluto 2. Stretching ed focused exercise for arms, wrist and body 3. How to hold the stick 4. The basic striking actions 5. Drills with a partner of the "Catena" (The chain) to practice the six basic strikes, moving into action 6. "Scuola" (The School): demo in solo 7. Sparring method according to the "Scuola": Semilibera (conditioned), Libera (free sparring)

material required: wood or plastic stick 118-120 cm long (46-47 inches), 30-35 mm diameter (1.2-1.3 inches)

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