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The Sicilian "Scuola Ruotata" of Grand Master Carmelo Tangona

Grand Master Carmelo Tangona​ , Head Master of the Sicilian School "Figli dell'Etna" (Riposto, Catania, Italy) of the traditional stick sicilian fencing schools: "Scuola Ruotata" and "Paranza corta". Two styles transmitted for generations and passed to Master Tangona within the family, according to old rules and styles. These schools have their roots dated back to 1200 a.d., with an increasing body of documentation over the past couple of centuries. Eventually in 1976 was generated the first notary act that publicly certified the school of "Bastone siciliano repostese".

Master Tangona and Master Coco

On note: the sicilian "scuola rotata" (literally "the rotated school", but, if you will, I'd like to make a paraphrase that might better reflect the larger concept embedded in the dialect, translating it as "The School of the spinning wheel") is basted on turning actions on the four angles, called "quattro cantoni siciliani", with typical parring actions called "schiacciate" (crushed parries). Differently, the "Paranza corta" uses a shorter stick (40 cm) that is armed with a nail on the point. In the "tirata" target is here to the chest.

Tirata at Riposto - Master Tangona referee and two students sparring

in this video two traditons together: Grand Master Carmelo Tangona (Sicilian Figli dell'Etna) in a tirata vs Grand Master Luciano Trimigno (Apulian Trimigno Family System).

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