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Welcome to the new Nova Scrimia Website

Welcome my friend. We are starting our new website. After being in stealth mode from Internet for a while, we are proud to present once again our activities of Nova Scrimia. This time, not only within our Italian borders, but growing around the planet. We are proud to see that not only our work, but in general, Italian Martial Arts, or IMAs, are growing and expanding across different countries. More and more groups, individuals and institutions are practicing, researching and promoting IMAs. And we are glad to sustain, support and participate our heritage of martial arts abd this growing community. Nova Scrimia is not located not only in Italy, but we have active chapters also in UK, USA, Mexico and more are coming. We have been contributing and partecipating to amazing IMAs events in USA, Canada, Europe, Brasil. And the community where also Nova Scrimia has been putting all the effort to help its expansion and growth, a community made now of many many people who passionately engage and commit into IMAs, in all its aspects: modern fencing, historical European martial arts (HEMA), combat and fighitng, self defence, Italian traditional familiar and regional arts of sticks and knives. We hope that you you will join us, and we will join you, ready to keep fostering this new reneissance of IMAs. And Nova Scrimia is here, with all of you, to support this growth. Please, don't hesitate in contacting us to let us know your opinions, ideas, activities, feedbacks. Ad Maiora!

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