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Imperator Litaratus - presentation of the book "15th century Chronicles of Bolognese Knight and

Galeazzo Marescotti has been a great scholar and warrior of the Italian Reneissant time. Scholar of the University of Bologna in 1400, hero of the city who alone with only 4 more friends in one night was able to infiltrate at night, assault the castle of Varano (Parma) and rescue the Governor Lord Annibale Bentivoglio of Bologna who was kidnapped and and inprisoned by the Duke of Milan. His sthengh, fencing skills who shewed in duels until a very old age, and knowledge represent the idealy of the Italian Renaissance man "Imperator Literatus" (Scholar warrior).

Conference with Graziano Galvani, Alessandro Bassi, Alessandro Malato, Claudio Lovercio, Marco Quarta and the Nova Scrimia brotherhood showing asssaluts. The last descendant of Marescotti, Count Galeazzo Marescotti (same name of his gran gran parent) attent and donate use of the motto of his family "Fideliter non esitant" (loyal without hesitation) to the Nova Scrimia Salle D'Armes in Bologna, named upon Marescotti.

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