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Bastone ad Una Mano - One handed Stick Fencing

Nova Scrimia one hand stick fighting

E quello che cum bastone faco cum la spada lo faria,

ben che più forti giochi con quella trovaria

(I can do with the stick what I would do with the sword,

although I would find with It (sword) stronger plays).

[Fiore de Liberi - Flos Duellatorum - XVI century]

The stick is generally 90 cm long, it is held in a full grip with the thumb clenched around the fingers. The movements used with the heavier stick are closer to the one-hand sword rather than the 19th century sabre, which fits very well with the walking stick on the contrary.

The guard and stance is the same as modern fencing except the stick arm position. The second hand is in front in a guard position, ready to sustain the armed hand in grips or in moving into grappling and wrestling closing the distance (gioco stretto). The play is long and the footwork is large and more circular and dynamic. The blows, also delivered with the shoulder motion, are longer and stronger. In assault during competitions blows may only be delivered to area’s of the body that are protected by padding, which comprises the shins, knees, chest, arms, unarmed hand, and the head. (Due to the weight of the weapon it is forbidden to strike the stick hand for obvious reasons).Upon receiving a hit both opponents must return to the start line prior to recommencing the bout. The "conservative" practice, for self defense, includes actions as disarms, fighting in close distance, ground fighting, are strikes used in a self defense context like "snervate, impulsate, rotture, sfrondate, etc.".

Budo International 

Promotional video - 2006

Stick Fencing Course

Budo International Stick Fencing Fundamentals

Gioco stretto (close measure)

shooting test for a Neo-Bartitsu movie


Main targets in assault for tournaments


Third tournament "Sala D'Armi Castello"

Cage Fight

Friendly fight at Bone Breakers Academy -

Quarta vs Navarrete - Mexico City - 2013 

Stick Combat

Studio of "assalti" (assaults)


Fifth tournament "Sala D'Armi Castello"

Solo Drill

Solo exercise for multiple opponents

Mastino's Cup

Final of Nova Scrimia "Accademia Mastino" national tournament

Hall of fame @ Valencia 2012

Nova Scrimia combat demonstrations:

dagger, sword one hand and half, stick assaults

DEMAS Grand Opening - 2016

Bouts for Charities at the grand opening of our Sala d'Armi (Salle) Davenriche European Martial Arts (DEMAS), in Santa Clara - San Francisco Bay Area - California

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