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Scherma di Bastone da Passeggio

Walking Stick Fencing







“…will be useful for all the police guards whose duty is to enforce the observation of the laws, using what they are provided with, moreover will be very useful for any citizen obliged to take care of his safety in regrettable situations, or help the weak persons if necessary…”

Maestro Giannino Martinelli - Milano - 1908


The Italian fencing school and the "Maestri di sciabola" (Masters of the dueling saber), to cite some: Cerri, Zangheri, Enrichetti, Arista, Masiello, Pecoraro, Radaelli, Ceselli and Martinelli; developed highly congenial methods of practical application and technical theory of the stick.


Walking stick Fencing is proposed and developed according in particular to the particular method elaborated by Maestro GIANNINO MARTINELLI who wrote the treatise “Trattato di scherma con il bastone da passeggio” (treatise of walking stick fencing for self defense)- published in Milan in 1908. 

Assalto in pedana

Martinelli - 1908

Stick fight Scene

Shooting test by editor Goran Rokolj

Stick Fight Scence

Editor Samuel Jacob

Parries and strikes - Foundamentals

Quarta 2015 on Martinelli - 1908

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