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Italian Dueling Fencing - short report on the seminar at "En Guarde Academy" in Santa Rosa

On Sunday the 21 2016 Masters Roberto Chiaramonte (visiting from Verona, Italy) and Marco Quarta (Stanford, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA) taught a class on Italian Dueling Classical Fencing.

A group of excellent fencers and enthusiast participants from different areas of North California and from Vancouver, Canada joined the class.

The class started with short range fencing, covering "daga, pugnale and coltello". After a first theoretic and technical training, a small tournament closed the morning. It was introduced the new experimental system with electrified knife for the automated scoring system, a playful way to practice the short range fencing and experience some drills during a sparring action, in which practice some of the drill trained.

In the afternoon we engaged in Saber Dueling Fencing - with a work based mostly on the Classical Fencing for saber codified in the XIX century by Masianello Parise.

We concluded the evening with Walking stick fencing - for "Assalti" (bout and sparring) and for self defense, presenting mostly the method of Giannino Martinelli (also XIX century), and showing the parallelism with saber fencing.

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