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Stick Fighting Bouts for Charities

Few weeks back we had our Grand Opening of our new magnificent "Sala d'Armi" (Salle) DEMAS, in Santa Clara, San Francisco Bay Area, California.

We had a great charity fencing event at Davenriche European Martial Artesarts school on February 27th.

There were 30 fencers, over 200 guests and 16 charities represented by the fencers. These ladies and gentlemen spent the afternoon Dueling (in armizare, all kind of swords, daggers, sticks) for Dollars, and raised over $1,000 for the charities

Here is a short "homage" to three of our students in Italian Stick Fencing, who showed heart, skills and elegance in their very first public bouts, fighting excellently also against fighters of other schools and styles: JD, James, and Jason ! I am very proud of you guys, also considering that you started your training only 3-5 months ago. Good job!

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